Cloudkampus Content Partner (CCP):
Our Course with Your Content

CloudKampus places a high premium on the quality of course content. For our growing list of courses in Engineering Design, Business, Creative design, Finance & accounting, Marketing, IT & Software, Photography, Lifestyle and Wellness we look for video content developers - people who are knowledgeable in the subjects related to our courses and who are also passionate about presentation.

CloudKampus looks for content creators - anybody who can create mini videos on specific topics for our courses. When you register to be our Cloudkampus Content Partner, we seek to find out your expertise and share with you suitable topics and subtopics for you to create video content. Your content will be used as a part of our learning materials and resources.

What support do you get?

CloudKampus offers you intellectual support for you to outline the course content, the flow of narration, and so on. It also offers technical guidance support in audio and video recording, we also train you and help you improve your presentation skills.

What is in it for you?

Once your content becomes a part of our course and is made available for the consumption of the students, we share the fees we collect from the students for the particular courses. We can also pay you a fixed yearly or one-time royalty fee. We also offer you relevant documents to certify you as our Cloudkampus Content Partner in the domains in which you contribute content.