Cloudkampus Education Partner (CEP):
Fill Gaps and Fill Pocket

You could be a trainer or a formal educational institution already offering courses on Engineering Design, Business, Creative design, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, IT & Software, among others. Or you may be interested in entering the training business. Either way, becoming an Education Partner and reselling CloudKampus courses would make a perfect business case for you.

Why resell CloudKampus courses?

Offer a Complete PackageWe offer online, self-paced, and instructor-led courses that are advanced, and cover unique, specialized topics. You could package these mini courses along with your regular courses - in other words, you could fill the gaps in your training product portfolio.
Earn referral rewardsEvery time a student refers you, while enrolling in our course, you will get referral points. You can convert all the accumulated referral points into coupons - and monetise them.
Avail marketing supportYou can make use of our creative multimedia materials for you to promote our courses on digital / social media, and reach students.

How does it work?

CloudKampus offers coupons for you to buy and sell them to your students. Coupons are equivalent to cash that your students can use to purchase and enrol in CloudKampus courses whose price points fall within the value of the coupons.

When you, as an Cloudkampus Education Partner, buy coupons for a sum, we offer bonus coupons. In other words, the value of the bonus coupons could be anywhere from 25% to 100% more than the value of the coupons you purchase (You can find more details on this here). You make money by selling all the coupons to your students - the value of the bonus coupons becomes your profit margin.

Your Dashboard

With an exclusive dashboard, you can manage all the processes involved in the wallet program. You can generate and track coupons, alert students, download marketing materials, and so on.

Interested in the Cloudkampus Education Partner program,? Leave us your contact details. We will get back to you with additional information, at the earliest.