CloudKampus Partner Program

Get Up to 100% Profit Margin and 100% Freedom to Package and Offer Courses at Attractive Prices

As online classrooms emerge as the popular way for learning, the business of training is getting disrupted virtually. If you are into training in one way or the other, CloudKampus, a niche online trainer and learning management platform, from the 30 years old CADD Centre, presents you with two irresistible business opportunities:

CloudKampus Education Partner (CEP):
Fill Gaps and Fill Pocket

You could be a trainer or a formal educational institution already offering courses on Engineering Design, Business, Creative design, Finance & accounting, Marketing, IT & Software etc. Or you are interested in entering into training afresh. Whatever the case may be, you could become an CloudKampus Education Partner and resell CloudKampus courses.

CEP can be the answer for you to offer niche and advanced courses to your students without the need for you to hire an expert trainer. Also, you do not have to worry about the batch size - one student or a 100 students, it does not matter.

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CloudKampus Content Partner (CCP):
Our Course with Your Content

CloudKampus places a high premium on the quality of course content. For our growing list of courses in Engineering Design, Business, Creative design, Finance & accounting, Marketing, IT & Software, Photography, Lifestyle and Wellness we look for video content developers - people who are knowledgeable in the subjects related to our courses and who are also passionate about presentation.

If this description fits you, you can become our CloudKampus Content Partner. When you sign-up as an CCP, you will be presented with a list of our future courses and the topics on which we need video lectures, presentations, and demonstrations. You can choose the subject of expertise and create video content with our support in recording, video editing, and so on.

CloudKampus trains you in accent and presentation skills. We will be with you throughout the complete production and post-production work related to audio, video. For the content work, you will get a royalty or can enter into a revenue sharing arrangement with us.

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Program Benefits

Profit from couponsBuy coupons and monetise them by selling them to students, who can redeem the coupons on online, self-paced, and instructor-led courses in Engineering Design, Business, Creative design, Finance & accounting, Marketing, IT & Software and more.
Referral rewardsEvery time a student refers you, while enrolling in our course, you will get referral points. You can convert all the accumulated referral points into coupons - and monetise them.
Digital course vouchersAs a reseller you can offer course vouchers to institutions - for the institutions, course vouchers would mean courses at discounted rates and for you, margin upto 100%.

Marketing supportYou can access promotional materials to sell courses on digital / social media, and get students to buy your coupons, and to refer you while enrolling.
Co-create content If you are a trainer - or if you have one or two (or many) trainers in your team, you can create course videos - with our technical support, training, and guidelines. In return, we share revenue with you for the co-created courses.
DashboardEvery CK partner gets an exclusive portal access for managing all the processes involved in the partnership program and making informed decisions. Partners can generate and track coupons, alert students, download marketing materials, and so on.

Begin the journey, by signing up with us as our valued partner

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